From student to full-time developer

More than 15 of our about 70 employees study or graduated at FI and went through some form of cooperation with our company. Also, our CSO and CTO both earned their PhDs in CRoCS at FI.
To show you what life at Invasys looks like, we asked several questions to the alumni of FI and our colleague, Maria.

How did your cooperation with Invasys start?

I bumped into the Invasys poster on a noticeboard right next to the study affairs department at FI, when I was in the fifth semester of my Bachelor’s studies. At the time, I was seeking some work experience and what caught my attention was that both I and Invasys shared the same field of focus – cybersecurity. Being able to learn new things at work which I could also utilize in school and vice versa was exactly what I was looking for. Simultaneously, the company offered an internship that did not require long previous experience, which motivated me to apply for the spot.

What forms of cooperation with Invasys did you experience? How did the whole experience evolve?

At first, I started the paid internship. After a year and a half, at a planning meeting with my project manager, he proposed a part-time job constituting three days a week. Finally, when I graduated with my Master’s degree, I switched to a full-time job.

Were there any actions Invasys made to help you manage the school-work-life balance?

Absolutely. During the internship, I could manage my own time in Invasys. During some tough school weeks, or during an examination period, I could easily take a week off from Invasys to focus on exams. All that was needed was asking in advance. The part-time job was more committing, but even then I could choose the days and hours in the office. Regarding the home-office, that posed a problem prior to the covid situation. Interns and part-time employees were not allowed to work remotely, which I do not perceive as an ideal situation (for instance, having a two-hours break between lectures does not allow you to work from the faculty, which is slightly inconvenient). However, during covid, the company’s home office regulations were vacated, which might bring some changes for the future.

Did the Invasys experience help you with your studies?

Surely yes. I learnt a lot about C ++ programming and also about computer security. One of my first tasks in Invasys was to implement a protocol over an ethernet connection which deepened my understanding of computer networks. At the same time, I learnt to utilize Wireshark which came handy in many courses. Similarly, having the code reviewed by experienced colleagues helped my C ++ programming skills grow. There were a whole bunch of interesting points I learnt about phone security, encryption, or security in organizations. All these topics emerged also during my studies of computer security at FI.

Is there anything else to tell about Invasys that could interest potential candidates from FI?

At Invasys, we have a great community of skilled developers who don’t hesitate to reach out to you if you get stuck with your task. So, don’t be afraid to send your CV, even if you don’t have much work experience, we’ll gladly guide you through the tough start. Last but not least, from time to time, tapped beer can be found in the office which does not really work well with to the occupational safety regulations, but it’s definitely another factor why you should become part of our team.