We develop and manufacture mission critical hardware and software used under the most demanding conditions. Ground, sea and air. Extensive in-house research & development makes sure we are always at least one step ahead.

Invasys Mobile360™

The mobile phone is today’s primary data access point. How to best access its information is a technical question. Our solutions Tellus™, Luna™, Tungsten™, Maverick™, Spartac™, Kelpie™ and WitchCraft™enable you to do it any way necessary. Ground based, maritime or airborne. Experience Invasys Mobile360™.

Get to know us and uncover what is really possible long before it becomes common knowledge. Zero-day technology for the inner circle.

Invasys – innovation lives here.

Cyber Security – Roffic™ mk4

Your best long-term cyber security strategy rests upon proper understanding of the threat, and furthermore what is behind the threat. By employing our latest evolution in honeypot inspired countermeasures your infrastructure becomes a threat to the attacker’s operation, rather than a victim of it.

Make sure the attacker is exposed on his first attempt by documenting valuable attack methods.

Now extended to cover more platforms.

Mobile phone interception of voice, text and data stream. Man-in-the-middle. 4G MITM. IMSI catcher high power long range high speed. Cyber operation infection vector. Man-in-the-middle capable. SDR based. Software BTS. Airborne integration. Detect and block mobile phones in prisons. Mobile phone interception 2G GSM 3G UMTS 4G LTE and 5G ready. Hijack or take over instant messenger accounts. Offensive cyber 0-day n-day zero-day zero-click 0-click. Trojan. Agent. Malware. Are you a security researcher and have found a vulnerability? Contact us. We buy vulnerabilities and exploits. RCE LPE Baseband exploits browser exploits regional app exploits. do not visit