Manufacturing / Electronics Engineer

About Invasys

Invasys specialises in providing our government customers, such as police and intelligence services, with investigation tool. We focus on in-house research & development in the area of mobile phone and satellite communication.

During the last 5 years we have grown from 25 to 70 people and aim to grow some more over the next two years. Our offices are in a newly constructed building with possibly the best view in Brno. The work environment is flexible, something which helps create a pleasant atmosphere.

Our philosophy is to give smart people freedom to solve tasks as they see most fitting.

The position in context

Invasys has a project-oriented structure and delivers both standard and customised solutions. Our engineering teams, supported by a creative and innovative team of scientists, work hard to deliver solutions the market has not yet seen.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Assembly, integration, installation, validation, manufacturing of end-customer product units
  • Prototyping, resolving end-of-life issues and hardware part replacements, electronics testing
  • Maintenance of manufacturing, compliance, and testing documents
  • Low-volume manufacturing of subassemblies, cable harnesses, PCBs and components
  • Quality assurance of manufactured units
  • Repair and diagnostics of failed parts or RME components

Qualifications & Requirements

You can probably say “yes” to most of the following:

  • Secondary education in IT / Electronics / Automation Engineering, or >5 years relevant professional experience (hobbyist in Electronics is in advantage)
  • Reliable, industrious, punctual personality
  • Familiar with PC technology, hardware manufacturing and hardware testing
  • Professional electrical safety certification (50/1978)
  • Soldering, micro-assembly (SMD)
  • 3D printing
  • Experience with PCB design, radio / RF components


Katerina Szabo

Recruitment Manager / +420 603 811 339