Security & Vulnerability Researcher


Invasys is looking for a new colleague specialising in vulnerability research and exploit development in Android OS (and iOS). Candidates are expected to have a variety of low-level operating system experience and prior experience in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities.

The position

As a security and vulnerability researcher you will work in a close cooperation with a team of malware analysts identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in software, firmware and/or hardware. The primarily task is vulnerability research, exploit development, and vulnerability mitigation on a variety of devices. Primarily Android and iOS OS, applications, binaries, and embedded firmware.


We are looking for the following skills (in order of priority):

  • Understanding of Android OS internals
  • Experience with low-level C programming
  • Knowledge of computer architecture (e.g., ARM)
  • Reverse engineering experience (e.g., IDA Pro, Ghidra, Binary Ninja, JEB)
  • Experience performing static/dynamic/symbolic program analysis
  • Understanding network protocols
  • Knowledge of anti-reverse engineering techniques
  • Understanding of exploit mitigations such as DEP and ASLR
  • Penetration testing or system hacking
  • Exploit modifications, assembly, and development

If you have experience in some or most of the topics mentioned above we would really like to hear from you.


Katerina Szabo

Recruitment Manager / +420 603 811 339